Our Team

Sebastian James Briguglio


Film has always been a passion of Sebastian's - from taking Film and Television in high school - to later transitioning from a Bachelors degree in business into a Film one, it has always been a subject on his mind. While his practical experience behind the camera is by no means professional, his understanding of filming techniques, breakdown of plot structure and film trivia focused mind is what sets him a part from his peers.

He serves as the teams film-buff - often bringing in behind the scenes information on each production and using his knowledge of film making to shed light on what we see on the screen.

Favorite films: The Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz & The Worlds End), Clerks, Who Framed Roger Rabbit & The Warriors.


Alex 'Dozer' Calligan


Coming from a musical family, Alex found himself growing up with several different instruments within arms reach. To date, he is proficient at playing the guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, drums, cello and piano. He also flexed his vocal chords performing in several amateur level musical productions. He has also written many songs, the opening tune to the podcast included. Using these skills he graduated from university obtaining a Bachelors degree in the Arts.

He serves as the ears of the group - picking up on the musical cues used in film and explaining how they work.

Favorite films: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Harry Potter Series and Interstellar.

Zane C. Weber


Originally haling from the quiet town of Bundaberg, Zane moved to Brisbane when he sought to pursue his passion - acting. After a successful stint of performances in productions ranging from Sweeney Todd, Little Shop of Horrors, Guy & Dolls and Jekyll and Hyde (and more) he eventually turned his focus onto direction - where he directed a locally successful renditions of both The Producers and Songs for the New World. At the time of writing Zane is producing (and soon to be directing) the "24 Hour Musical".

Using these skills Zane serves first and foremost as the performance expert - tuning in on what he believes the actors were doing to portray their characters and why.

Favorite films: Tarantino's catalog, Whale Rider & Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


Kate Loneragan

At heart Kate is two things, a writer - specifically a creative one, which is what lead to her completing her double major in Communication and Arts (Writing), and a television addict. This one is definitely harder to show credentials for, but trust me, she watches a lot of TV shows.

She joined the team late in their first year as an outlet for both her passions and mainly provides comprehensive written reviews of her favorite (or sometimes least favorite) shows, and occasionally Kate will appear in the studio to tear a part a film with the boys.

Favorite TV Shows: Orphan Black, Luther & "an unending love for criminal procedurals".